I have a very strange issue going out n with my car, I'm struggling to start my car in the morning , so my normal routine is put in the key turn it slight all lights come on wait for the pump to prime then turn more and car starts no issues , but this hasn't been the case for about 4-5 months now.. I put in the key turn slightly lights come on one primed I turn more the car start then just cuts off 1-2sec later , now sometimes this happens 1-7 times in the morning before I can leave the house , then through out the day the car will start fine with no issues it's only happens with the first start of the day. Another thing is Once I get the car started and going I'm getting a heavy smell of fuel while driving , I'm not sure where it's coming from or if it's just a bug of of fuel from the car not starting straight away , I'm also getting slight popping from the exhaust when I in gear and tap off the accelerator ?

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